02 December
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MADOTTA – artist of the Month

You are going to love our Artist of the Month: MADOTTA, a label from the UK with a real sense of art !
Behind it: Media digital painter & Sia Web designer!

We have no doubt, you are going to choose their creations for all your devices! We asked them a few questions to know more about them …

The Kase - Madotta

  • Madotta in a few words?

Madotta is an exciting brand which is focused on designing chic and stylish iPhone cases for trendy people.   

  • How could you summarize your art?

My art is mostly a reflection of my audience’s needs. I try my artworks to be simple and to the point, without unnecessary celebration and clutter. I believe less is more and simplicity is what makes a design timeless. I design cases that blend in within people’s style and look, instead of trying to exhibit itself on its own.

How do you choose the subject of your creations?

I consider many things that are happening around me when it comes to choosing the theme of the next artworks. I always keep an eye on seasonal style, major events and themes to plan ahead our future collections. 

I try to get a grasp of the things people tend to love, and things that helps them to express their unique style. Then I try to reflect these as a whole by creating my own version of that theme, something that I love to have myself, but for them. 

I want my art to be a reflection of people’s style and lifestyle, rather than my personal feelings. I like my designs to be practical. For WorldCup 2014 for example, we made a unique collection of flags for supporters of all teams. The collection was featured on all The Kase stores worldwide. Many people used them while supporting their national football team during the games. 

  • Where do you get inspiration?

Nature, music, fashion, street style and seasonal catwalks are among things that inspire me. Once I have a general theme in mind, inspiration comes from everywhere, most of the times from the most unexpected places!  

  • Which artist or designer do you most admire? Why?

Among artists I adore Leonard Cohen as a singer, I love listening to his music. I come from a traditional painting background so I truly admire Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. They all have their own distinctive style, and they were way ahead of the streamline theme of their own age. I discover many new artists which I like their work every now and then, but I can’t remember all the names. 

  • What is your favorite piece of art (painting? Sculpture? …)?

There are many, but just from top of my head I can name “Two Satyrs” by Peter Paul Rubens and “The Lady in Gold” by Gustav Klimt. I’m not very interested in sculptures so I don’t have any favourite.

  • What is your creative process like?

I usually start with sketches and loose drafts with pencil on paper, which I then make digital drafts in Photoshop, Illustrator or ArtRage based on the theme.

The exciting aspect is that each design collection requires its own technique and tools. For some artworks I use watercolour, or paint them digitally in ArtRage, while for some we use Photoshop and Illustrator to get the job done.

For collections like Marbles or Animal prints we actually go out to various shops and places to find the exact piece to photograph, which I then edit in Adobe Lightroom to achieve the final result. 

For our latest Marble iPhone cases collection, we shot nearly a hundred sample marble stones until we arrived to the final selection. Creating each collection is a journey for itself and is never exactly the same, it’s exciting!

  • Among all the designs you created so far, which one is your favourite one? Why?

I can’t select one definite piece as my most favourite. My mind and feelings usually hover around the most recent pieces. From my older designs I like “the watercolour dreamcatcher” and then “colourful mandala“.

From recent pieces I really like “the Dazzle Camouflage” and “Pink Marble“, very different pieces but I love them so much. I have them both for my phone and I switch them based on mood and feel.

  • What about your next project(s)?

We have a couple of new collections that we were working on for the last few months and are planning to release in 2016. Next year we might start releasing a select part of our collection on a few accessories other than iPhone cases. But that would likely be in the third or fourth quarter.

  • Anything to add?

Firstly, I’d like to thank The Kase for featuring my work and giving it the opportunity to be seen by many people worldwide.

Secondly, I’d like to thank my lovely husband Sia. For all his help with running the business and preparing the collections. Madotta is a small family business which is the brains child of me and him, who is also a designer. He takes care of everything else -Mostly boring stuff like IT, website etc. – so I can concentrate more on the creative and fun parts which I like! Without him, this wouldn’t be possible.

Discover all the creations of MADOTTA on our Website !

>>> Madotta’s Website

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